The Issues

The goal is simple: 
improve the quality of life for the citizens of Corning
Focusing on the issues most important to our community.
Local issues are at the heart of Bill's focus. As City Councilman and then Deputy Mayor, Bill has worked hard to improve the community he calls home. With a nonpartisan agenda, he has been able to accomplish many objectives over his rich history in local politics. 

Below are the five core areas of focus for Bill's platform.
Keeping local property taxes to a minimum is a serious yearly challenge. Major city expenses for city employee retirement funding and employee health care continue to rise sharply each year, while our tax base over which we spread the tax burden is not growing. With 5 years experience working with the city’s budget, I will continue to work to minimize any tax increases, without sacrificing the services Corning’s citizens want and need.
 The key to growing our quality of life, and stabilizing our taxes, is economic development. We must attract new businesses and the jobs they bring. We must keep the good jobs we have. To do those things we must create the environment where businesses prosper and grow. I will continue to be an active and contributing member of the City’s Economic Development Strategy Committee, focusing on identifying business sectors to promote and incentives to encourage the investment necessary for growth.  
Our quality of life depends on vibrant neighborhoods. But Corning’s houses are mostly old, with houses throughout the city in need of repair. Pockets of blight are showing through in many neighborhoods. As Deputy Mayor, I am the City’s representative to the Corning Housing Partnership, a public and private organization recently formed to take on and solve a wide range of housing issues. As Mayor, I will continue as a leader in that organization working to revitalize Corning’s neighborhoods through improving housing.
One piece of the quality of life we enjoy in Corning is the condition of our City streets. Since being elected to the City Council I have voted each year to put more spending toward improving our streets. It is money well spent. I will continue to support street repair funding until each of the City’s streets that require it is repaved.  
Corning, our Crystal City, has always been a city of art and artists. The arts not only contribute to our quality of life, but also to Corning’s reputation as a world-class destination for visitors throughout the year, and all the economic benefits that brings. I will continue to advocate for the growth of the arts in our community.

The Arts